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Campione d’Italia is an italian exclave – a small Italian town, completely surrounded by Swiss territory. Geographically and economically – Swiss, politically – Italian.

Campione d’Italia, located in the heart of Europe has an excellent location in relation to airports and major cities. Milan is a 40 minutes drive by car and 2 hours to get to the Italian Riviera. Campione d’Italia is a great place on the shore of Lake Lugano, on a area of 1.7 square kilometers, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level, is a small Monte Carlo, where glamor and casino create a high standard of living. Campione community contains almost by one of the largest casinos in Europe.


New residents are welcome and a residence permit is easy and fast.

Due to its characteristics, the official currency is the Swiss franc (CHF). Most financial transactions through Swiss banks.

Campione d’Italia has always had a great attraction and a good investment, and that is why it is the choice of the place of residence of the international elite.

Benefit and safety in Campione?

To obtain citizenship of the European Union, taking into account only those countries in which life is stable and there are visible social and economic benefits.

Why Campione d’Italia is the best choice?

– You live in a European country with the privileges of Switzerland, without any customs barriers.

– You can move freely throughout Europe (Schengen), Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

– The benefits of the Mediterranean climate due to its advantageous location on the shore of Lake Lugano (through) and a favorable south-east position.

– Regular care of the green areas and landscape, flowering plants in any season, creating a perfect environment for living in all year.

– The minimum temperature is about 0 ° C, the maximum temperature in summer is +35 ° C. Alpine breezes make air is especially pure and salubrious.

– Clear lakes and excellent water communication with Switzerland.

– The garrison of the local police and carabinieri constantly patrolling the city, 24 hours a day, to ensure safety.

– High quality of life, where in calm and protected environment can grow your children.

– Excellent school for your children.

Why buy property in Campione d’Italia, but not in Switzerland?

In general, if you are not a resident of Switzerland, the purchase of real estate there is a complex matter and requires the approval of the relevant authorities. We will not dwell on the list of all the obstacles that you will find when buying a home in Switzerland, since the benefits of Campione d’Italia is much more attractive for a residence permit / residence:

– Benefits for family reunification.

– Italian and Swiss health care.

– Free movement within the Schengen area, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

– Swiss license plates.

– The best schools.

– Due to cultural integration for your children in the schools.

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